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1st Classic Then List – Lenght

  • Hello Pencidesign!
    I’d need some support with a wp-blog which is themed with vancouver. Its
    The issue i’ve got ist that the highlighted entry at first position is always shown at full lenght. I just want to decide how many characters and objects are shown. The lenght of the entry varies from entry to entry. You can imagine its annoying to scroll down if the entry may gets longer at some time.
    The Layout I use is called “1st Classic Then List”.

    How can I adjust the lenght the first shown entry?



    You can create a “Continue Reading” button by do following this image

    Best Regards,

    Thanks. This helped a lot.
    btw @all:
    i needed to change the language for the CONTINUE READING text so i worked it this way around…

    to change go to: wpadminarea -> Design -> Editor
    following *.php sites were affected in my case

    content-classic.php (*)

    (*) this was the reasonable one for the landing page of my project


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