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Click through portfolio items

  • Hi,

    Is there a simple way to make it possible to click through the fullscreen portfolio items? It would be nice that if you click on a portfolio item at to see it fullscreen an arrow left/right would hop you to the next/previous photo.

    Is this option already possible and have I not seen it? Or not possible and will never be?

    Thanks in advance.


    To do that, please do following steps:

    1/ Install & activate plugin WPide

    2/ Go to admin > WPide > and on the right side choose themes > vancouver > js > main.js and on line 310, replace this code:

    type: 'image',


    type: 'image',
    gallery: {
    enabled: true

    Best Regards,

    Thanks mate, you the best!


    Hi there,

    decennia – amazing site! I’m looking to create this exact style of portfolio gallery to display handmade works and products promotional I’ve designed for clients. In order to get all the photos as they appear on this site, do I need to upload each individual photo as a separate “project”?

    Or is there an easy way I can simply upload all of my portfolio images and tag them into the different portfolio categories?

    Thanks in advance!


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