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Comment form + moderation

  • Hi :-)

    We exchanged emails for specific issues but I thought it was better to bring these ones here since it might interest your other customers.

    1/ Regarding the comment form, how can I make the field ‘comment’ mandatory?

    2/ How can I make errors of the comment form display like the ones of the contact form? (like on this image:

    3/ Several people posted comments on my site and each one of them made me the same remark: “I’ve posted a comment but when I sent it, I don’t know where it went, it desappeared.” So, I was wondering if a comment can be visible right away only by the person who just sent it while it is awaiting moderation (like on this image:

    Thank you in advance for your help and precious insights.


    1/ By default, this field is required.
    I think you did checked it when you login with admin account.
    Let’s logged out and you will see that.

    2/ You can try with this plugin to do that:

    3/ This theme already supports this feature.
    I just tested with a comment like a reader ( not logged in )

    Best Regards,

    Thank you for your answer.

    1/ Right, it works, perfect.

    2/ Is it the plugin used for the contact form?

    3/ I logged out but the issue stays the same. I don’t see the comment awaiting moderation anywhere. It desappeared. Where could it come from?


    1/ Ok.

    2/ It’s plugin for Comments form, before use any plugin, you should check description for it first:

    3/ If so, maybe you have a plugin caused this issues.
    Please deactivate all plugins and try again with anonymous browser.

    Best Regards,

    2/ Ok, I will try this out. Thanks for the tip.

    3/ Won’t the configuration of every plugin be cancelled if I desactivate them? I’m afraid to do so because my site is published and it might alterate my work. Doesn’t it?


    3/ If you want to check that issues, you need to do that.
    Normal, if you deactivate all plugins, your site will doesn’t down. Just some features you’re using it from front-end can be disable. But, this process doesn’t take a long time. So, let’s try it when your site has smallest trafic.

    Best Regards,

    3/ Done. The comment awaiting moderation only displays when there are other approved comments above, written by other people (see When there is no comment at all below a post and you’re the first to write one, then your comment does not display awaiting moderation. How can I correct that?


    Hmm, seem it’s issues from WordPress core.
    They will don’t support display first comments for awaiting moderation.

    I think you need to wait update/add more this feature.

    Best Regards,


    My issue is at the opposite of the link you gave me. I will try to explain it better.

    With the anonymous browser, I go to a post I wrote on my website. The post has not been commented yet by anyone. When I comment it myself for testing, the comment (awaiting approval) is not displayed at all. See video 1:

    However, when I go to a post that was already commented by other people before and I also comment it, then the comment (awaiting approval) is displayed properly. See video 2:

    I don’t think the issue showed in video 1 has something to do with wordpress. A friend of mine has a blog as well on wordpress and she doesn’t face this issue. A comment, awaiting approval, should be visible in all circonstances by his author. It is not the case in video 1 while it is the case in video 2.

    I hope my issue is better explained than earlier.

    Thank you in advance :-)


    Ok. I will tell with our developers to check that issues.
    If it’s issues from our theme, we will fixed it ASAP.

    Best Regards,


    What are the news? I just made a test, new comments still disappear when they are the first ones to be posted.

    Regarding the plugin “WP ajaxify comments”, I would need the following selectors to configure it properly. I don’t know what they are nor where to find them.

    – Comment form selector
    – Comments container selector
    – Respond container selector
    – Error container selector

    Thank you for your help!


    1/ Our developers team still checking it. We will release a new update to fixed it when it done. But I’m not sure about the time. You can check update changelog here for every update.

    2/ Here is the selector for that:

    – Comment form selector: #commentform
    – Comments container selector: #comments
    – Respond container selector: #respond
    – Error container selector: .comment-form p

    If it doesn’t work, you need contact with author of plugin and ask them about that. Because by default we don’t support this feature. So, we can’t help you more.

    Best Regards,

    I noticed I forgot two more selectors, sorry. Could you please also tell me what is:

    – Comment paging links selector ?
    – Comment links selector ?

    Thank you for your previous answer and, in advance, for the next one :-)


    Comment paging links selector is: #comments_pagination
    I don’t know what’s ‘Comment links’ – I think you should ask author of this plugin to know about that.

    Best Regards,

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