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Fixed body width instead of 100%

  • Hello, I just purchased your theme, and I gotta say it is amazing, so first of all, thank you for it :)

    I have installed it in a test blog I use to get familiar with the theme before installing it in my blog and I am having troubles changing the width of the body.

    To match the images I already have on my blog and the style i have been using, I would like the post area of the blog to have a max width of 665px both in the main page and on the single posts when it is displayed on computers.

    I have chosen classic mode and tried changing several codes but I can’t seem to find the one I have to change in style.css, could you tell me which part of the code I should be modifying, please?

    Not only by adding some css at the end of the html, but to know where to find that part so I can change it any time if I want to test some options.

    Same goes for the width of the sidebar and for the width of the whole container of the body, as I would like to be able to set some white space on the sides of the site.

    Thank you so much in advance,

    Best regards :)


    Thank you for loving our theme.
    To do that, please add more this code to Customize > Custom CSS:

    .container{ width: 1008px; }

    But, I think you don’t need to do that. The theme will display your images fine with 650px width.
    Touch to the code is not good and we don’t recommend you do that – we will help you with custom css to override it 😉 It can help you keep update with this theme.

    And our support forum just moved to – please use our new support forum in the next time 😉

    Best Regards,

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