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Hide author tag from select posts

  • How do I hide the author tag from specific posts? I know how to hide it on all posts, but that’s not what I want.

    We have a multi-author blog and want to retain the “author” tag for the majority of posts. BUT it’s important for our blog that we also have the ability hide the “author” tag when that post is from the viewpoint of all of us instead of just one.

    We expected there to be a “Show Author” option under Post Settings/More Options, where you have “Allow Comments”. Obviously it’s not there – but where can I access that functionality (or how else can I achieve the same result)?


    For now, this theme doesn’t support feature like so.
    But, you can do that with some custom css.
    Please add more this code to Customize > Custom CSS to do that:

    body.postid-250 .post-author{ display: none; }

    Note Important: You need to change number ‘250’ to your posts ID.
    You can check this guide to know how to find posts ID of a post.

    Example: If you want to hide author box on 3 posts has ID is: 34, 150, 2376
    You will add the code to Customize > Custom CSS like this:

    body.postid-34 .post-author{ display: none; }
    body.postid-150 .post-author{ display: none; }
    body.postid-2376 .post-author{ display: none; }

    Hope this help.

    Best Regards,

    That’s very helpful. Thank you!

    Will doing this still attribute the post to the author (listing it under the Author’s page, for instance)? Or does it completely remove the author from the post?


    Please go to our new support form and create a new ticket there.
    We don’t working on this forum anymore.

    Best Regards,

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