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I'm lost. How do I get images into my portfolio?

  • I’ve watched the video for configuring the gallery in the Soledad theme. In the video, the images seem to already be sorted and categorized.

    I get the part about adding a new project, selecting a category for that project and then adding the short code to a new portfolio “page”. What I’m missing is how to add images for a gallery in the first place. Please explain it from the start, at the uploading of images.


    If you using Portfolio Shortcode to display your portfolio page.
    All images will auto get from featured image of projects.
    Check this video tutorial to know how to config Portfolio page.
    Gallery with Portfolio is 2 different concepts.

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    Yes, as I said, I watched the video. Several times.

    Are you saying that the images are added to the portfolio page from the featured image of projects? That would only be a single image, yes?

    I want to display 40-50 images in a 3 column grid. I know how to configure this in short code. How do I set up the images for the portfolio or gallery or project? Walk me through it- what would my first step be if I did not have any images uploaded?

    If these are separate concepts please explain- there’s no such explanation in the video.


    1/ Vancouver theme theme doesn’t supports gallery features like Soledad theme.
    You just can watch the video for how to config Portfolio because it the same.
    With Vancouver theme, you just can use featured images of projects to display it on your portfolio.

    Let’s try it.

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    I’ve watched the video and yet I’m still confused. Perhaps you could make a video for the Vancouver theme?

    How do I get images into my projects? That doesn’t seem to be in the video. I get how to add a new project, set the featured image, create a new page and add the short code. I’m asking how do I add/select images for the project in the first place? I’m not asking how to configure the short code.


    In Vancouver theme, you can’t use
    By default, the first images on the detail a project will display featured image.
    You can hide this image by add more this code to Customize > Custom CSS:

    .portfolio-page-content .portfolio-left, .portfolio-right .title-description, .portfolio-page-content .portfolio-right .pattern-grey{display: none;}
    .portfolio-page-content .portfolio-right{ float: none; width: 100%; padding-left: 0; }
    .portfolio-page-content .portfolio-right .detail-portfolio .inner-detail{ padding: 0; }

    After that, you can add your images to your editor via Media Library
    Also you can use Columns shortcode to make 3 columns in single portfolio.

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    Ok, I have dozens of images in my media library. How do sort/select them for inclusion in my project?


    When you edit a project, you can see on the top left of your editor “Media Library”
    Click to “Media Library” and you can insert images to your editor.

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    Hmmmm. Went to Projects, inserted 7 images from my media library, added a new page, inserted default portfolio short code and… no images. Just the single featured image I specified on my project page.

    What am I missing?



    Oh sorry, I didn’t get notice about your reply.
    Please send us an email via our contact form with your admin url and admin account.
    Our support team will check it help you.

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    Ok, thanks

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