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Mobile version and mega menu

  • Henrik

    The theme is perfect and works flawlessly. But there is one thing left for me to fix and it’s regarding the mega menu and the mobile version of the site.

    I searched the forum and saw this post.

    In this you write that mega menus won’t work on mobile but maybe in the future.

    But when browsing you site some menus that are using a mega menu is shown, although as drop down categories in the mobile menu. So what am I doing wrong? :)

    As of now, at we are using the mega menu on two links, TIP and BLOGS. The links point to a page so that if you click on the link on the mobile version you are taken to a page where I can list the menu options that are shown on the desktop version (but not on mobile). In the mega menu a certain category is shown.

    At this seems to be how the menu item LIFE STYLE works. On my mobile I can’t see any sub categories since it’s a mega menu.

    But on MEGA 2ROWS, there is a mega menu shown on the desktop and on the mobile version an arrow which shows subcategories.

    I might be at loss here but how do I go about doing the same thing on my site or is it all depending on the setting 2 rows?

    Thanks for your reply! :)



    Thank you for your great words about our theme.
    No – this appears for all categories mega menu has child categories ( like menu “Travel” on this demo: – this category mega menu has 3 child categories: Destinations, Memories, Photography )

    Best Regards,


    Ahh, now I see.

    I created a solution to my problem by adding some custom CSS.

    @media only screen and (min-width: 800px) {
    .hide_on_desktop {
    display:none !important;

    and by adding hide_on_desktop as an CSS class on the submenus. By doing this they won’t show in the desktop view but will show in the mobile menu.

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