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Penci Review – Decimal points problem

  • Hello,

    I would like to be able to assign marks like 8.5 instead of 8 for the Penci Review. How can I do that?

    More than that, for one “Review Number for Point” I can just add *.5 numbers, so I guess there’s some minor problem.



    Penci Review will automatic averaging the score based on your points.
    So, just need make sure averaging score for all points is “8.5”

    Best Regards,

    I am sorry to barge in like this but I am having the same problem.
    When I enter something like “4.5” or “4,5” and and try to update the post I am getting the following message:

    “Please use a valid score. The next valid scores are 4 or 5″
    (which is a rough translation since my message is in germen 😉

    I would love to use decimal points so it would be awsome if you could help :)

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    Hi @Sas,

    With each point, we don’t support decimal, you just can use integer on each point :)

    Best Regards,

    Thanks for your answer :)


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