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Penci Slider / AdRotate

  • Hi guys,

    as mentioned with my previous topics I have problems with my WP admin backend.

    – caching in backend

    I still haven’t solved this caching issue… Now occurred the bug that I cannot add more than one image to Penci Slider and just one advert to AdRotate plugin.. I am sure there are more similar incidents with other plugins which I haven’t noticed yet.

    I suppose or hope, just like you, this bug happens due to a “broken” plugin..

    Is your suggestion to solve this to deactivate ALL plugins and then activate Penci Slider plugin and check if this problem still happens?

    Best regards,



    Yes, let’s try like you said above first.
    Because we don’t do anything make caching from your back-end. So, you need to check again your plugins/hosting.

    Best Regards,

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