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Remove diagonal lines?

  • Hello,

    In response to another users question 11 months ago, you said

    “3/ Vancouver has color options for slashes, and if you want to hide it, our support team will help you with some line CSS :)”

    I would like to hid all of the slashes on my site, could you provide me with the CSS to do so? Thank you!


    To do that, please add more this code to Customize > Custom CSS:

    .header-social .inner-header-social:before, .header-social .inner-header-social:after,
    #navigation .menu > ul > li > a:after, #navigation .menu > li > a:after,
    #navigation ul a:hover:before, #navigation .menu ul ul a:hover:before, #sidebar .widget-title span span:before, .standard-main-content > h2:before{ content: none; }
    .standard-main-content > h2{ padding-left: 0; }

    Best Regards,

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