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Remove transparent background

  • Hi,

    thanks for the great theme.

    I have one question. How can I remove the transparent background? Some wallpaper ads from my ad partner are looking really bad. The red area should be floating around the content. But my ad partner cannot overwrite the rules from the theme.

    How can I fix this?
    My Website:



    I don’t see any red color on your site.
    And do you mean to make your container has other background color?

    Best Regards,

    The different colored background comes only if a wallpaper is displayed. Not on every page load.
    The container should be white and not transparent.


    By default, we don’t recommend customers using other background for body.
    If you want to use a background for your body. Please add more this code to Customize > Custom CSS to make your container had white color:

    body > .container { padding: 20px 5px; background: #fff; }

    Best Regards,

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