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Setting up a demo site

  • Hi all,

    Yesterday, I’ve bought Soledad, and I’m trying to setup a demo site. I’ve done everything as in the documentation, as well as installing the missing plugins by hand (which was not documented).

    However, the end result looks nowhere near the demo site as this one:

    Mine looks like this:

    Soledad demo site

    My version:
    – Is missing the top menu
    – Is missing the slider
    – Is missing the social network icons
    – Is missing the ‘Editors Pick’
    – Has a completely different side bar

    So, what did I miss, and how do I get them exactly the same?

    Thanks for the help!



    Seem have something missing in import demo process by you.

    1/ For menu, you need go to Appearance > Menus > create or select a menu > scroll down and check to “Primary Menu”

    2/ Go to Appearance > Featured Slider Options > check to “Enable Featured Slider” and on “Select Featured Category” > select “– Select –” or select a category.

    3/ As you can see the social icons display on below logo. If you want to display it more on the sidebar, please go to Appearance > Widgets > Drag & Drop widget “.Soledad Social Media” to “Main Sidebar” on the right side.
    You can config your social media via Customize > Social Media Options.

    4/ Please go to Posts > All Posts > remove “Hello World!” post and you will see the layout will look like the layout on the demo.

    5/ Drag & Drop any widgets you want to display on the sidebar to “Main Sidebar” like step 3/

    Best Regards,

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