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Slider Height + Instagram Feed

  • Love the theme! I am having two issues though…

    1) I just created a post today (#Travelgram_Seoul) and the slider height doesn’t match my other photos, even though I cropped it in WordPress to so it is the same dimensions…

    2) Also, for some reason I can’t seem to get the Instagram widget working (it’s at the bottom of the page). It just says “No images found,” and I’ve tripled checked my username and have tried with and without the “@”.


    Hi there,

    First, thank you for your nice words.

    1/ Because this image you using are small with the size we recommend.
    You need use images for your featured image with minimum width is 1170px and minimum height is 780px to get best results. The images will auto crop for all positions.

    2/ Please make sure your instagram account is not private and your config look like this

    Best Regards,

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