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Spacing in Posts + Heading Styles

  • When I am writing a post, when I hit enter, the spacing is automatically double. When I hit SHIFT + RETURN, then the space is single (which I want) BUT then the next line of text’s heading style ties itself to the first line no matter what I do, even if I try to fix it in the code. For example, I may have Heading Style 1 for the title, hit SHIFT + RETURN and the next line is also Heading Style 1 and I can not fix this UNLESS I hit a full RETURN. So the Posts do not allow anything but double spacing between heading styles.

    When I am writing my blog posts, how can I have RETURN be just single space by default? And also, how can stop having the header styles tie to the next line when I hit SHIFT + RETURN?

    Thank you.


    Please send us an email via our contact form with your admin url and admin account.
    Our support team will check it help you.

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