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where do I find demo data files?

  • Hi, I’m confused where and how to download and install demos mentioned below.

    Multi-Demos for Your Purpose!
    Soledad is a powerful & flexible WordPress Themes and easy to customize. It helps you create unique & professional websites. Here are the demos you can build with Soledad. You can easily import the demos into your sites.

    If there are links and instructions on then the theme’s authors did a very good job hiding them :)


    Thank you for purchased Soledad theme.
    To get it, please go to download page and download “All files and documentation”
    After that, let’s extract this download package and open the folder receive, you will see it.
    And to know how to config this theme, you should check documentation for this theme here. It’s short and easy to understand.

    Best Regards,

    Thanks for a quick reply!
    I did all the steps with checking boxes to import images:

    1/ admin page > Tools > Import > and imported soledad-magazine.xml file
    2/ Customize > Export/Import > and imported soledad-magazine.dat

    It took a few minutes but only 35 images got imported into the media library without any posts, pages, categories or menus.

    I was under the impression that whatever is in this demo is suppose to be imported as well.
    Any chance you can help with importing everything?

    URL is


    Please send us an email via our contact form with your admin url and admin account.
    Our support team will check it help you.

    Best Regards,

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