How to update a theme?

NOTE IMPORTANT: If you’ve modified any of the theme files yourself, you’ll need to note these changes in order to re-implement them once you’ve installed the latest version of the theme. The update will replace your previous version’s theme files and all modified will lose. If you want to modified any files on the theme, let use child theme to do it.

When you update a theme, all your options in Customize will NOT LOSE.


To download new theme, please go to ThemeForest account > downloads > re-download the theme you’d want to update.
If you download “All files and documentation” package, you need extract it and you can see .zip theme file.


1/ First, you’ll need to activate another theme.
WP will not allow you to delete a theme that is currently activated.
From Appearance > Themes > Activate any other theme.
2/ Once you’ve activated another theme, still within Appearance > Themes, click on the theme you’d like to update. In the bottom right corner is a little option to “Delete” the theme.
Go ahead and delete it.
3/ You can now re-install the newest version of the theme you’re updating.
Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > Select the theme’s ZIP file > Install Now.
Remember! It’s important to install the theme’s ZIP file, and not the entire theme package. Otherwise you will receive an error message.

By default, WordPress should save your content to your database. This is why your content appears on whatever theme you have activated within your WP Dashboard.


From Soledad theme version 2.1, we have added more features to our current portfolio. In order to update portfolio, please follow this instruction step by step:
1/ Update Soledad to the newest version. See guide above.
2/ Go to Admin> Plugins > All Plugins > Deactivate and delete 2 plugins: Penci Shortcodes & Penci Portfolio.
3/ Go to Admin > Appearance > Install Plugins > re-install and re-activate Penci Shortcode and Penci Portfolio.

If you don’t want to use new features of portfolio, please skip these steps.